Webmin on Raspbian

Webmin is a neat little tool that puts a GUI front-end on a whole lot of (pretty much everything??) stuff that can be configured in Linux.

I followed the instructable below which was basically flawless (so much better than some of the help-files I’ve been working with lately that have so many knowledge gaps you’ve liable to fall in and just give up before getting the first thing running…). Kudos to steve.m.graves for a thoroughly well-done job!

The main advantage I’m looking for is saving configuration of various services/etc. without having to manually ferret out relevant config files, save those (and their relative paths) and cross my fingers I didn’t miss some important piece of the puzzle.

Is my geek-pride injured for taking the GUI (read: non-console) way out? A little. but in contrast with the potential time-savings, the compromise is a no-brainer.


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