Auto-launch application on (Raspbian-xfce desktop) login

So I do most of my tinkering in the terminal, through much googling and log the changes (ahem, improvements) I make.

So I wanted to have these 3 apps (terminal, changes.txt & iceweasel) opened automatically on login.

The Good:

Since I had previously switched from LXDE to XFCE, the solution was quick and GUI-based, adding some entries in Settings > Session and Startup : Application Autostart.

  • xfce4-terminal
  • iceweasel
  • leafpad /home/pi/Documents/changes.txt

Though for some (unknown) reason, the abbreviated path ~/Documents/changes.txt initially failed ot open the correct file – the full path from ‘/’ worked just fine.

This post by alez put me on this track.

The Bad:

Unfortunately, I initially tried adding these at the end of .bashrc with a ‘&’ appended so they will launch in the background (and .bashrc would not wait forthemto complete/exit before exiting itself) – BIG MISTAKE.

The Ugly:

Basically an infinite loop somehow arose opening multiple instances of these 3 applications until everything ground to a halt! 😦

Fortunately I had just received my second Pi and was able to quicly download NOOBS, install raspbian, slave my original microSD card and comment out the evil.


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